App Promotion Strategy

Quick-Tips for Optimizing Your Keyword Field

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At this point, you know that keywords play a major role in App Store Optimization. They are how your app is found in the app stores and determine your ranking in search results.


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Keywords tell Apple’s search algorithm what your app is about and in which app store searches your app should be listed on.

Leave out Plurals

In addition to combining the strengths of app name, subtitle and keywords, it isn’t necessary to write the same word in the plural and singular. Remember that we are dealing with a sophisticated algorithm, so, if you want to rank for course and courses, “course” will be enough to rank in both.

Separate Keywords by Comma

If you are familiar with ASO tips, you might have read this one already. However, we think this couldn’t be stressed enough. Remove unnecessary blank spaces in and between your keywords. It’s enough to separate terms by a comma. The space for keywords in your app information is limited – make sure to make the most of it.

Avoid Duplicates in Your Keywords

This is another mistake, app marketers and developers commonly make. The App Store handles both, spaces and commas as keyword separators.

When adding long-tail or combination keywords, many app developers often put the whole phrase into the keyword field. Doing so, chances are high, there will be duplicates in your keyword field wasting valuable space from the 100 character count. Apple only needs a keyword to be present in your app information 1 time to index it. So if a keyword is already in your app name, don’t repeat it in the subtitle and keyword field.

In addition, always use single words. Like we discussed above, Apple will automatically make combination keywords for you. By only using single keywords, you maximize your chance of ranking for a series of combination ones.

Regularly Update Your iOS Keywords

The most sure way to find out what works for your app and what doesn’t is testing. Thus you should be quick and agile in optimizing your app information.

Regularly check your keyword rankings. When there are keywords in your iOS keyword field, for which your ranking didn’t improve for quite some time, exchange it with another term or synonym.