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Conclusions of the seasonal ASO analysis for 2021 Black Friday

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Working on a seasonal ASO strategy always helps to improve traffic and store listing’s conversion rate. Such is the case with Black Friday campaign, where there is a clear intention of users to search for discounts and great deals.


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But not only is it important to adapt to the keyword in the on-metadata factors, but it’s also important to adapt the visual assets. This is the way to take advantage of the searches related to “Black Friday” and also searches within the Shopping category, thus improving organic traffic.

Even though the on-metadata factors which are to be taken into account in Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are different, the more optimized the listing is (icon, screenshots, video or text), the better conversion rates and results will be achieved. Also, we see how the new Google Guidelines have limited the changes made by brands this year, as we can see in the case of AliExpress and SHEIN, which only adapted their icon in the Apple App Store.

This being said, as we have seen in this analysis,it will be easier to gain positions in the Apple App Store. This happens not only because of the limited amount of keywords there are to rank for, but also because there are less apps 100% dedicated to Black Friday, as opposed to Google Play where there are many of these apps with a high density for the keyword and more time being indexed, making it harder to move up in the organic rankings.

Regarding working on the seasonal ASO, another way to do this in your app would be to create your own brand events or to adapt your listing to your TV or any other relevant paid media campaigns.

Having a seasonal ASO strategy not only will improve your main ASO and marketing KPI’s but will also make a difference for your brand against your competitors.

So you now know what to do, this Christmas work on your seasonal ASO to gain visibility and more organic downloads, they’re free! Or even better, get in touch with us and we’ll do the job for you!