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The Best Voice Changer Apps You Must Have on your iPhone to Trick your Friends, Family, and Colleagues

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There are a set of unwritten guidelines to being a moral prankster, as it’s a must to discover the fragile steadiness that makes for a novel, humorous, but not overly offensive or over-the-line merciless joke. You additionally need to take heed to the character of your prankee, as a result of no two persons being identical, which means not everybody can take a joke equally nicely. As a result of the latter truth, it’s higher to decide on a so-to-say sufferer you’re accustomed to, though the extra daring can unleash their pranking prowess on full strangers – particularly if the prank’s chosen medium is the phone, which gives a stage of anonymity and safety for the perpetrator. The simplest means of pulling off a high-quality prank name is making use of the companies of a voice changer app for iPhone – the very best of which now you can get acquainted with due to the compilation beneath.

Though Voice Changer Plus just isn’t able to alter your voice in real-time, in-call, it comes geared up with a decent quantity of voice results and background sounds – 55 altogether, to be actual -, permitting you to pre-record your prank calls in keeping with a rigorously constructed script. Velocity up or decelerate your voice, make it sound like as when you’ve been inhaling alarming quantities of helium 24/7, recreate considered one of Bane’s or Darth Vader’s villainous monologues, or put an eerily haunting twist in your speech to offer the pour soul on the opposite finish of the road absolutely the creeps. You’ll be able to even torture the ears of your prankee with a few of the worst singing they’ve ever heard due to the Unhealthy Melody and Unhealthy Concord options.

Right here’s an app that pranksters from all walks of life will lick their chops over. IntCall denotes itself because the funniest app on the planet, citing the greater than 8 million downloads it has amassed since its launch. With a single faucet, you’ll be able to change the pitch of your voice in real-time, sending it to shrieking heights or monstrous depths, or, talking of monsters, make it sound goosebumps-inducingly creepy. You’ll be able to season your calls with a sizeable collection of spicy sound results – bells, rest room flush, gong, and a wide range of animal sounds to call only a few -, and additional, confuse your poor prankee with overseas language greetings. In keeping with IntCall, “redneck” is ultimately a overseas language, which could not be a linguistically incontrovertible fact, however even when it’s a pseudo-fact, it positively has comedian worth. Upon downloading IntCall, you’ll get a number of free minutes, however when you’ve used them up, you’ll need to buy extra prank name time beginning at $0.99 per 5 minutes.

Have you ever ever wished to sound like say, Walter White, Darth Vader, or God forbid George W. Bush? We don’t know why anybody would attempt for the latter, however voice altering is rather like anything – i.e. totally different strokes for various people, and we’re not right here to evaluate, anyway. As for what Movie star Voice Changer brings to the desk, nicely, it brings precisely what you assume it does, altering your voice to that of varied well-known and notorious celebrities, TV present characters, and politicians. Movie star Voice Changer has amazingly combined AppStore evaluations, so earlier than upgrading to premium for a one-off buy of $9.99, be sure you give it a superb take a look at run.