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Call of Duty is trolling hackers by making their guns disappear

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The builders of Name of Responsibility are continually combating hackers to maintain the aggressive shooter enjoyable for everybody. Now, Activision has added a brand new function to its anti-cheat, Ricochet, that steals the weapons out of a cheater’s arms.


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Name of Responsibility’s devs created and launched the Ricochet anti-cheat final 12 months to attempt to fight cheaters. And late final week, the corporate shared a progress report on how profitable the anti-cheat program has been to this point.

Within the publish, the corporate highlighted a number of the steps it has taken to make hackers’ days as robust as doable. One function added by Ricochet renders hackers’ bullets ineffective, as their targets take no harm. One other turns different gamers invisible so cheaters can’t even see them.

However the newest function could be the most troll of all of them to this point. Ricochet has added a brand new cheater mitigation function referred to as “disarm,” and it does precisely what it says. When this system detects that an individual is dishonest in Name of Responsibility, it steals their weapons proper out of their hand.

And it doesn’t solely take away the cheater’s weapons. It additionally removes their capacity to melee, basically taking away the cheater’s fists, too. It feels like a hilariously efficient option to frustrate the little losers who can’t win a Name of Responsibility recreation with out dishonest.

Ricochet continues to do its job successfully, issuing practically 200,000 bans because the final progress report in April. It appears to be like like Name of Responsibility lastly has an efficient reply to its huge dishonest downside.